Sunday Services

Below you will find details of Sunday Services over the next few weeks.

3rd December (1st Sunday)Advent Sunday
3.00pmDrayton ParslowCarols at Greenacre Hall
9.30amMursleyHoly Communion
11.00amSwanbourneCoffee in Church
11.00amNewton LongvilleJoint at St Faiths
6.00pmLittle HorwoodAdvent Carols
10th December (2nd Sunday)2nd Sunday of Advent
9.30amDrayton ParslowHoly Communion
11.00amMursleyFamily Service
6.00pmSwanbourneCarol Service
11.00amNewton LongvilleHoly Communion
17th December (3rd Sunday)3rd Sunday of Advent
9.30amMursleyHoly Communion
6.00pmMursleyCarol Service
11.00amSwanbourneMorning Service
6.00pmNewton LongvilleCarol Service
24th December (4th Sunday)4th Sunday of Advent
3.00pmDrayton ParslowChristingle
4.00pmMursleyCrib Service
11.30pmMursleyMidnight Communion
6.00pmLittle HorwoodCrib Service followed by Communion
4.00pmNewton LongvilleCrib Service
11.00pmNewton LongvilleMidnight Communion
25th DecemberChristmas Day
9.30amDrayton ParslowChristmas Communion
11.00amMursleyFamily Service
11.00amSwanbourneFamily Service followed by said Communion
9.30amNewton LongvilleHoly Communion
31st December (5th Sunday)
11.00amMursleyBenefice Brunch Service
7th January (1st Sunday)Epiphany
10.00amDrayton ParslowCafe Church at Sports and Social Club
9.30amMursleyHoly Communion
11.00amSwanbourneCoffee in Church
10.00amNewton LongvilleJoint at Free
11.00amLittle HorwoodSongs of Praise followed by Holy Communion