When someone dies we want to be able to say farewell in a way that is appropriate to both the deceased and those who mourn their loss.  For many, a Christian funeral where we commit our loved one to the Lord’s care is the way we want to go.  Clergy are able to take services at the crematorium as well as within the parish church and church services can be for a burial or connected with a cremation.  Normally the funeral director will liaise with the next of kin and the appropriate church to make the initial arrangements.  The minister taking the service will then meet with you to discuss the service itself and any other support the church can offer.

After a cremation there can be some time before a decision is made about what should be done with the remains.  Should this be the case, if you are now looking to have ashes interred (buried) in the churchyard, then we can arrange this.  If the ashes are still with the funeral director then it is best to go through them and they can help make all the necessary arrangements.  If you have ashes of a loved one yourself then you can contact the church directly to arrange a short service and interment.

The church of England have produced a website specifically to give helpful and supportive information at this time, the website can be found here.

To find out more contact one of the Churchwardens or use the contact form link here.