Pastoral Care

What does the church mean when it talks about pastoral care?

Pastoral care can be about meeting the needs of those in our communities who need a bit of support.  This can be for many reasons: to help through bereavement or sickness, to bring a listening ear or advice in a situation (we often have information and contacts that can help in many ways), bringing home communion to those who are house-bound or even to celebrate good news.  The Church of England is in a unique position in that we are here for the whole community not just our regular attenders, anyone can access this support.  Usually we will offer prayer as part of our visit but we will not force anyone to pray who feels uncomfortable.

Pastoral care can also just be about a visit for a cup of tea and a chat!

Within the 5 Parishes we have been looking at how we can improve support to our communities (aware that we haven’t necessarily always got it right).  With this in mind we are making a few changes in order to help us offer better support to those who need it.  However we do need your input.  We can’t help if we don’t know it’s needed.  If you or someone you know in this community could do with some support, whatever the issue, please do get in touch so that we can then see what we can offer and/or if appropriate point you to others who can help.  Any request for support will always be treated with confidence.

So how do you access this support?

If you or someone you are aware of would appreciate a visit from one of the team please contact one of the churchwardens who will put you in touch with the relevant person.