Life events

During our lives there are various special events where the church can play a part.
At birth with Christening/Baptism (this can of course happen later in life too and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you).
For Confirmation.
When getting married.
At the end of life for funerals and burials along with help and support through the grieving process.

Within the 5 parishes we can support you through all these and more.  If you would like to know more then please click the appropriate link below to find out details before getting in touch.


Getting Married



If you are looking for records of a past Baptism, Wedding or Funeral then you can contact the Rector here and he will pass on the details to those who can find them.

There may be a small cost involved with a search of the church records – we will let you know of any charge before we go ahead with the search.