This Sunday – Trinity

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday – being the first Sunday of the month it will be another All Age/Interactive service for those who are able to join us.

There is no printed order of service, for those who will be worshipping at home rather than online please use last week’s service sheet.

The collect and reading are here:

Once again we will be live streaming onto YouTube as well as on Zoom. You will find the service here.

For those of you that are joining us you will need a few items:

  • A sheet of A4 paper, blank on at least one side
  • A circular plate or other object just smaller than the width of A4
  • A circular plate or other object a centimetre or two smaller than the one above
  • A plastic milk bottle lid (or similar size circle)
  • A small to medium-sized paperback book
  • A pencil, eraser and maybe some coloured crayons, pencils etc.

(You could also use a compass rather than the plates and milk bottle top if that is easier for you!)

God bless


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